Ingrid Michaelson Morphs Into Lady Gaga, Beyonce & David Bowie In Her ‘Blood Brothers’ Video

Ingrid Michaelson turns into Lady Gaga and John Lennon in her new video, ’Blood Brothers.’

In between filming her sick cover of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and just being generally adorable, indie songstress Ingrid Michaelson found the time to film a supercute video for her new single, “Blood Brothers,” a cheeky, midtempo tune that perfectly captures Ingrid’s pop-folk sensibility. While her new tune would definitely be described as “folk,” her video attempts to channel the biggest names in pop.

Watch Ingrid Michaelson’s “Blood Brothers” video after the jump. 

Directed by Dylan Steinberg and Shervin Lainez, the clip shows Ingrid being made up as some the most famous people in music ever. We’re privy to step-by-step transformations as Ingrid morphs into the likes of John Lennon, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and the queen herself, Beyoncé. The hair and makeup team were ON POINT, and we actually weren’t sure if we were watching Ingrid’s new video or an “E! True Hollywood Story” on the names that changed pop music forever.

Time to watch this video 80,000 times to see if I can learn how Ingrid’s hair and makeup team completely nailed Lady Gaga’s hair bow.

+ Watch Ingrid Michaelson’s “Blood Brothers” video.

Photo credit: Pamela Littky