Use The Hashtag #MTVNow, Get Your Photos On MTV!

Being on MTV is one of those childhood dreams that every kid has. That and going to Australia to hold a koala to prove Mary H. from second grade wrong! (Long story.) Thanks to Instagram and Pepsi, now's your chance to make that dream of being on MTV come true. (And hopefully you can get to Australia eventually, too.)

Here's what you gotta do: Upload a photo taken on Instagram to your Twitter account with the hashtag #MTVNow. Starting in June, look for your photos to pop up on MTV. Keep sharing and uploading for the chance to win an invite to one (if not more) of MTV's big upcoming events. For example, we would upload this photo we took at Bamboozle this past weekend to our Twitter, @MTVBuzzworthy, with something like, "You're dead to me if you don't like Jimmy Eat World. #MTVNow." Then we'd show up on MTV. It's that easy, people.

Check out for more details, and get to tweeting!