Justin Bieber Dances Like A BAWSS At His Billboard Awards Rehearsal (VIDEO)

If Justin Bieber's performance of "Boyfriend" live on the season finale of "The Voice" is any indication, then the Biebs' performance of "Boyfriend" on this Sunday's Billboard Music Awards will also be a full-on display of badassery. Next level, people.

Earlier today Justin uploaded a new video to his viddy account, and let us just warn you: OMFG, Justin Bieber's moves are completely off the chain/may cause heart palpitations. (We're not even exaggerating this time.) Along with the video, JB tweeted, "rehearsal. #FOCUSED." Yah, dawg, you're looking mad focused, having somehow upped your dance game to heights we never could have imagined. While rocking a fedora (yes, we said FEDORA), Justin and his troupe of dancers rehearse some insanely suave moves -- we see shoulder popping, hip-swaying and a healthy dose of gratuitous crotch grabbing. Justin Bieber ain't a kid anymore! He can dance provocatively if he wants to!

Who knows what Sunday's Billboard Music Awards will bring, but we can absolutely guarantee that any contribution from Justin will be totally... swaggy. Go get your dance on, bro.

+ Watch Justin Bieber rehearse for the Billboard Awards after the jump.

Photo credits: Getty/Autoviva.com/Nino Bellissima