Which Artist Will Break Jay-Z's Live Concert Record At The OMAs?

So we've already told you guys about some cool-ass s*** that's gonna go down at the O Music Awards this year – MTV's going to attempt to break another world record! As we previously told you, one courageous musical act is hitting the road in an effort to beat Jay-Z's current record of the most live concerts in 24 hours in multiple cities. The artist will board a bus and zigzag across the Southeast hitting a total of eight cities, starting in Memphis and ending in New Orleans. Oh, and it's gonna be the world's first 24-hour, livestreamed awards show, so you can watch the whole thing the real time. Breakin' records all over the place.

Now, naturally we can't stop wondering who this artist is going to be. We'll find out Wednesday, May 23, who these brave heroes are, but being on the inside of things at MTV, we’ve come across some solid clues as to this mystery musician's identity. Here's what we're thinking.

1.) What if it's Jay-Z trying to break his own record?

2.) Better yet -- what if Beyoncé's trying to break her husband's record! (BRB, booking a Memphis hotel.)

3.) Or -- and I just gave myself a heart attack thinking about this -- what if the OMAs mark a Britney-Justin Timberlake duet!?!?!? They ARE from the South! You never know.

4.) Paramore! They’re also from the South, and they’re heading out to the UK this summer, so maybe this would be a warmup?

Who do you think will attempt to break Jay-Z's record of the most live concerts in 24 hours in multiple cities for the O Music Awards? You'll find out Wednesday, May 23, but in the meantime, guess away!