Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Looks Super Happy With Her Pup, Happy!

Miley Cyrus and her new pup, Happy, at Miami Airport.

Miley Cyrus loves all her dogs, y'all. And she tweets pics of them on the daily! But we're starting to think she's playing favorites with her newest addition, Happy. That dog has been treated everywhere: a Cinco de Mayo party, a visit to the salon and now, a trip to the airport! That dog's gotten more five-star treatment in the last month than we ever have in our entire lifetime.

"The Climb" singer was snapped hanging with the recently rescued pooch at the Miami airport while looking all kinds of, well, happy. They say that people who have dogs live longer than those who don't, and judging by Miley's glowing smile (and the same kind of smile we've seen on gazillions of other pop stars who have pets), we're going to have to say that's a pretty accurate assessment. Plus, Happy is looking equally content rolling around in that blinged-out skull and crossbones leash. We just wonder if Miley's other dogs are starting to get reeeal jealous of this new dog's baller status. We know we are.

Photo credit: Splash News