ZOMG! Demi Lovato Confirmed As New 'X Factor' Judge

Rumors have been swirling for weeks, but yay -- we can now officially confirm that Demi Lovato will be an "X Factor" judge! In between being generally amazing and announcing her North American summer tour, the "Give Your Heart A Break" singer will also make time to critique up-and-coming musicians alongside Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and effing Britney Spears! EVERYTHING IS AMAZING!

Now that the entire new panel is confirmed, we feel it's safe to say that it's seriously gonna kill. Simon will bring the snark; L.A. will bring the cool, calm and collected years of wisdom; Brit will impart her adorable Southern drawl; and Demi will be lighthearted, supportive and constructive! After all, Demi is totally about self-acceptance. We're pretty sure that even if a contestant seriously blows, Dem will find the nicest way possible to let them know not to quit their day job. Mazel Tov, Simon -- we're fully stoked on this new lineup.

Photo credit: Getty Images