New Song: Azealia Banks, 'Jumanji'

I was already super pumped for Azealia Banks' upcoming mixtape "Fantastic," but now that "Jumanji" has dropped, I've officially set a calendar reminder. That's right, Azealia, your mixtape release is all up in my Outlook (which is just set for "summer" right now because don't have an offish date yet). Still, big deal status.

Let's talk about the "Jumanji" beat, guys: f***ing bananas. Banks teamed up with Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke and Brooklyn house DJ Nick Hook for the track, and the result is a hyped-up tropical explosion that we've listened to about seven times already. Azealia gets grimy over steel drums as she waxes philosophical about her newfound wealth. All her vehicles are handsome, in case you were wondering.

Banks isn't as in-your-face lyrically with this one as she was in "212," perhaps, but she's still spitting enough street cred to scare most of the ish out of you. Basically, "Jumanji" sounds like you're in line at Rainforest Cafe, but like, the baddest b**** in the game is your waitress. We dig it. Hard.

+ Listen to Azealia Banks' "Jumanji." (Language NSFW.)

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