New Song: Justin Bieber, 'Turn To You'

Justin Bieber sings about his mama!

We've been hitting on making jokes about Justin Bieber's newfound baller status ever since the kid turned 18. But we're starting to feel kinda bad about that -- we forgot that the Biebs is still a mama's boy at heart! Justin Bieber has been hyping his new song, "Turn To You," a tune he wrote for his mama, Pattie Mallette. Obviously we were prepared for some incredibly heartfelt moments, but nothing could have prepped us for the amount of love, consideration and thoughtfulness that went into this record. Ugh, Biebs making me smear my mascara this early in the morning...

Listen to Justin Bieber's "Turn To You" after the jump. 

As you might expect, JB's "Turn To You" is a soft and sweet ballad that's carried by Justin's lush vocals. There are no "Boyfriend" style rap verses or even many pop undertones. "Turn To You" is intentionally all about the lyrics -- and it should be, because they're the most adorable thing we've ever heard: "You were so young/ You were just my age when you had me/ Mom, you were so brave/ There was nothing that would stop or get in our way/ And I know you will always be there for me/ So when you’re lost and you’re tired/ When you’re broken in two/ Let my love take you higher/ 'Cause I still turn to you."

Umm, we die. And thanks a lot, Justin -- this song is great and all, but it's making me feel totally insecure about the gift I got my mom for Mother's Day (which is this).

+ Listen to Justin Bieber's "Turn To You."

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