POSTED: Karmin On Past Relationships And Their New Album, 'Hello'

Clearly we're in love with Karmin (how could we not be?), so we made them our MTV PUSH Artist of the Week. We're also celebrating them all month long as MTV's POSTED artist! Woot! But the "I Told You So" duo (Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan) make falling for them so easy with all they're willing to share with us. (Like how they get pumped backstage -- FYI, adorbz.) This week, we swoon over the pair when they divulge tales from their own real-life heartbreaks and offer an inside scoop on their new album, Hello.

Karmin chats about their past relationships and new album after the jump.

The first video catches the "Brokenhearted" singers chatting about their own brokenhearted stories. The couple dish on past dramz -- they both ended long-term relationships in high school -- and admit that losing their first loves was pretty hard. But look on the bright side: Now they're an awesome couple... that's also famous! Next, Karmin dish on their new album, Hello. Nick says, "It's pretty much our story. We called it Hello because it's our introduction to the world." Amy adds, "But it also motivates people to do what they want." BRB, moving to Barcelona.

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+ Watch Karmin chat about past relationships and their album, Hello.