Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Is Totally GORG In Her New Twitter Photo

Miley Cyrus: Super gorgeous.

We are dying over this Miley Cyrus photo right now, guys. Miley uploaded the pic yesterday to Twitter and tweeted to photographer Brian Bowen Smith, "I <3 you. I really do." UM, we love that dude, too. You. Look. AMAZE. From the side-swept bangs to the quadruple lashes you're rocking, you look like a little rock-and-roll cherub or something. Also, any idea how much a session with Brian runs? Because I could really use a new Twitter avatar myself.

My friend recently asked me, "Are you ever Facebook stalking through strangers photos and think, 'I want their life?'" And I was all, "No way, man, my life is great and you can't measure yourself against other people." But then I secretly just wait for Miley to upload new photos and cry myself to sleep a little. Teach us your ways, Milers!

Photo credit: @mileycyrus