Usher And Justin Bieber Continue Their Bromance, Grace The Cover Of Billboard Magazine (PHOTO)

The Justin Bieber/Usher bromance continues on the cover of Billboard.

In celebration of the upcoming 2012 Billboard Music Awards, Billboard has released a special edition of the mag. And surprise -- they asked Justin Bieber and Usher to grace the cover! We kinda wanted be all, "Awww, look, it's Justin Bieber with is big bro, Usher!" While that totally still works, Justin is 18 now and a bona fide boss, so we kinda feel like we should say something more along the lines of, "Yo, Justin and Usher are looking FOINE." Yep, that's more like it.

In preparation for his forthcoming Looking 4 Myself, Usher also graced another Billboard cover this month, which came fully stocked with an in-depth interview. Inside the issue, we get a candid look at the "Climax" singer's upcoming disc from the perspective of Usher's "Climax" collaborator, Diplo: "Because Usher's had such huge hits with the Guetta record ["Without You"] and 'OMG,'" Diplo explains, "People forget how much depth he has...he's so open-minded. He wasn't chasing a sound or jumping on trends. He just wanted to make something that felt fresh. He gave us messages like, 'We're going to bring the strip club to the stadium.' '' Hey, if anyone can bring the strip club to the stadium (?), it's definitely Usher. Plus, we'd be totally down with some Usher-sponsored NC-17 baseball games or whatever.

Photo credit: Billboard magazine