New No Doubt Music! Check Out The Band's Behind-The-Scenes Video From The Studio (VIDEO)

No Doubt take us behind the scenes in their new webisode from the studio.

PRAISE! But seriously, everyone stop what you're doing right now and say thanks to someone or something, because we're still reveling in the fact that new No Doubt music is on the way. Even though they recently revealed the official release date of their new album (September 25), we now have video evidence from the studio! Filmed while No Doubt was recording new songs, their "In The Studio (Webisode 1)" behind-the-scenes video features the entire band back in action writing, playing and just being generally incredible.

Watch behind-the-scenes footage from No Doubt's studio session after the jump. 

No Doubt is recording the new album (their sixth!) in Santa Monica at the multiroom studio of their producer, Spike Stent. Gwen is looking fully stunning (natch) as she records some vocals, Tony Kanal is his usual badass self while recording some bass licks, Adrian Young pounds away on the drums and Tom Dumont slays the guitar. These guys have aged like a fine wine!

Toward the end of the clip, we hear Gwen record vocals for a tune called "Push &  Shove," a collaboration between No Doubt, producers Major Lazer and Jamaican artist Busy Signal -- and, um, IT'S PURE GOLD. Take a second to smile extra big today, guys, because life just got a little better. Many thanks, No Doubt!

+ Watch behind-the-scenes footage from No Doubt's studio sessions.

Photo credit: Picture Group