New Video: Cheryl Cole, 'Call My Name'

UMMM, the amount of hot we've just seen in Cheryl Cole's latest video, "Call My Name," isn't even a little normal. In fact, Cheryl Cole may be the most stunning human being we've seen in a minute (aside from Beyoncé who is a beauty-bot so that doesn't count). But seriously, WTF? Cheryl is supermodel-hot, and "Call My Name" is a banger to boot. Way to be on your grind, sister.

Watch Cheryl Cole's "Call My Name" video after the jump. 

In her "Call My Name" video, Cheryl takes to the dance floor to show off her sick moves and her sick body. (You been hittin' the Pilates reformer, gurl?) Naturally, Cheryl finds herself in an abandoned tunnel where she coincidentally meets up with a troupe of muscular male dancers (who have also clearly been hitting the gym). While there's no direct plot, the video is rife with tons of choreography, outfit changes (I'm gonna need those colorful harem pants NOW) and a plethora of close-up shots of Cheryl's gorg face. What the hell were you thinking, Simon Cowell, when you booted Cheryl off the U.S. version of "The X Factor"? Big mistake!

+ Watch Cheryl Cole's "Call My Name" video