Star Spotting: Victoria And David Beckham Get All Lovey-Dovey At A Lakers Game

Victoria Beckham gets to hug David Beckham on the regular. WE KNOW.

I honestly kind of thought that when Victoria Beckham wasn't busy posing perfectly on the red carpet and David Beckham wasn't busy taking over billboards with that insanely handsome face of his, the two of them went home and promptly situated themselves in their cryogenic chambers, only to come out again when it was time to make all the world cripplingly jealous one more time. But nay, y'all. It looks like the most good-looking couple in the world actually like, hang out like normal people every once in a while. Who knew?

Victoria and David took in the sights at a Lakers game in L.A. recently, and Victoria slyly copped a feel for all the women around the world. JK, she was hugging her immortal beloved, but let's just all take a moment to imagine what that's like... Ahhh, I'm sorry! That was really unfair that I just made you imagine that! Maybe in your next life, people.

Photo credit: Splash News