New Song: Usher Featuring Rick Ross, 'Lemme See'

Check out Usher's latest with Rick Ross, 'Lemme See.'

When Usher asks you to "let him see" like he does on his new Rick Ross-assisted joint "Lemme See" from his upcoming album, Looking For Myself, you let him see. He's asking nicely, people. It's only polite.

Listen to Usher's "Lemme See" featuring Rick Ross after the jump.

Following his most-recent hyped-up dance track "Scream," Ursher ups his falsetto game on the midtempo "Lemme See." And Mr. Raymond uses his latest jam to coerce a young lady into showing him her cards. ("Cards" meaning "naked body," obvs.) "She say she wanna take her skirt off (be my guest)/ I decided to take my shirt off (and show my chest)/ And we been sippin' on that Merlot (so you know what's next)." IDK, from my Merlot experiences, "what's next" is a few regrettable text messages and waking up mid-ride in a cab that's taking you to your apartment... that you lived in three years ago. (Don't judge.)

Ricky Rozay drops in fashionably late, and he's flossin' like a muth, natch: "She on my wanted poster/ Ciroq in my mimosa/ I'm ballin' like Lebron/ We shopping in Milan/ The 458 Ferrari, I park it on my lawn." We get it, Rick. You got dat paper! And yes, you and Ush-dawg can spend as much of it on us as you'd like.

+ Listen to Usher featuring Rick Ross, "Lemme See." (Language NSFW.)