Vote For Your Favorite Boy Band EVER In MTV's Battle Of The Boy Bands!

Forget student council or registering to vote for the president of the United States (JUST KIDDING, YOU SHOULD VOTE!!!) -- the most important ballot you'll ever be a part of is coming your way: MTV News' Battle of The Boy Bands! We've rounded up 32 of the biggest boy bands ever, and beginning Monday, April 23, you'll get to cast your vote for your favorite boy band of all time -- OF! ALL! TIME! They'll all battle for boy band supremacy in a "Hunger Games"-style death match minus the cornucopia and the little parachute thingies containing healing salve. The winning boy band will be announced Monday, May 7.

And we didn't forget about anyone! Sure, you One Direction fans might be thinking this thing's in the bag, but does anyone remember a little OG boy band by the name of Hanson? Or Boyz II Men? Or... The Beatles?! Competition's tough, folks, and the results are sure to be a surprise. (I'm not saying I think *NSYNC's going to sweep, but I think *NSYNC's going to sweep.)

Voting in round one of MTV's Battle of the Boy Bands begins Monday, April 23, at 7 a.m. ET and runs until noon ET on Thursday, April 26. Winners are determined by fan votes, so if your favorite band made the cut, make sure you keep voting. Spread the word on Twitter using the hashtag #BBB. May the best (and cutest) band win!

... And until Monday, watch some of our favorite boy bands -- Jonas Brothers, The Wanted and more -- get amped to step into the ring in our Battle Of The Boy Bands trailer video in case you forgot what the power of boy band hysteria looks like.

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