New Video: Rita Ora, 'How We Do (Party)'

Raise your hand if you wish you were also in Rita Ora's 'How We Do (Party)' video.

What would you do if Jay-Z was your mentor? We'd probably be swaggin' like crazy, sitting atop a throne made of money, sippin' on Martinelli's sparkling apple cider from a bejeweled chalice ('cause we roll like that). But alas, that's why Rita Ora gets to be Jay's protégé and not us -- because she uses her power responsibly. That's exactly what the Albanian-British chanteuse, signed to Jay's Roc Nation label, has done with her debut U.S. single, the irresponsibly infectious celebratory anthem "How We Do (Party)," and its brand-spanking-new accompanying video, which sees the boisterous popstrel doing what she does best: partying. (Also, bulls***. But mostly partying.)

Watch Rita Ora's "How We Do (Party)" video after the jump.

And this clip's got everything! Viking hats! Fur trimmed American flag-embroidered leather jackets! Rasta swag! Ferocious purple suede heels! Hipsters wearing Lego bow ties! Dip-dyed lamé bathing suits! Drag queens! Snakes! Paint-throwing! And most important, Rita in her signature red lipstick and platinum blonde curls! It's pretty much like a Tuesday afternoon at our place. (Except pop stars like Rita never respond to our Twitter invites, but whatevs.) There may not be much in the way of narrative at work here, but who needs one when you have this kind of brightly colored smorgasbord of antics and foolery?

With Rita fresh off her recent No. 1 single in the U.K. (no big) and this video sure to be clocking a few million views -- not to mention the support of Jay-Z -- superstardom seems imminent, right? If she can keep the partying in healthy moderation, that is. Unless it's at our place. In that case, she can party all she wants to.

+ Watch Rita Ora's "How We Do (Party)" video.