New Song: Cady Groves, 'IDGAF' (NSFW)

Cady Groves has already taught us so much about herself, y'all: Not only is she capable of murder, as her debut single, last year's sensational "This Little Girl" detailed, but she's also the s***. (Seriously -- she has a song called "We're The S***" that's totally our gloomy low self-esteem pick-me-up anthem du jour.) One more factoid to add to the pint-sized Okie chanteuse's bio? She doesn't give a f***. Like, seriously. Not a single one.

Listen to Cady Groves "IDGAF" after the jump.

That's the message of her brilliant new song, "IDGAF," a deliciously scabrous slice of spunky pop-rock punctuated by fizzy blips and bloops and a summery sing-along chorus that demands to be blared from car stereos everywhere in all its NSFW glory -- like a pumped-up, profane evocation of Pink's "Raise Your Glass." Written with her guitarist, Ryan Williams, and produced by Fredrik Erikkson, "IDGAF" sends the IDGAF message out loud and clear to detractors, hangers-on and all varieties of lessers. But there's a beating, vulnerable heart beneath all that ballsy swagger: "Thought I had it figured out back in high school/ It freaks me out that I'm not a superhero/ But I'm doing fine alone," she cries over twangy guitars and kicking snares.

Ferocious and fearsome, "IDGAF" just kind of cements our obsession with this chick. Haters, step off. Cady Groves is fresh out of f***s to give.

+ Listen to Cady Groves' "IDGAF." (NSFW: F bombs, you guys!)