Video Premiere: Oberhofer, 'Away Frm U'

Oberhofer get colorful in their energetic new video.

"Saved by the Bell" lives, you guys. Oberhofer's colorful video for the very textable "Away Frm U" is all about the early '90s vibes, at least until frontman Brad Oberhofer starts licking the mic. Then a dude with a foam diamond on his head starts jumping rope with, uh, someone in possibly a pastrami costume and a strobe light. Remind us to never pull an "Inception" on Mr. Oberhofer. We'd probably end up turning into a blueberry and getting thrown directly to the Oompah-Loompahs. (Note to Chris Nolan: Did we just write your sequel? We totally did! Have your people call our people, we'll do lunch.)

Watch Oberhofer's "Away Frm U" video after the jump.

Silly/weird/great as the video gets, it doesn't distract from the catchy track, which features "Jaws"-size hooks, an adorable toy piano and a rolling-on-the-ground-jamming guitar breakdown. Although, bonus points for Brad's polka-dot shirt, which'd be our thrift-store #menswear find of the year.

The charmingly jangly track, along with the indie rocker's debut album, Time Capsules II, was produced by definitely-not-lo-fi über-producer Steve Lillywhite, whose résumé includes U2, Peter Gabriel, and all the extra-awesome Dave Matthews Band albums. Old dogs: Learn new tricks, they can. Oberhofer's on tour now and heading to Coachella later this month, so don't forget your jump rope.

+ Watch Oberhofer's "Away Frm U."

Photo credit: Glassnote Records