Star Spotting: FYI, Miley Cyrus Is Still Really Fit

Miley Cyrus after pilates

It seems like all Miley Cyrus has been doing lately is working out, and it's clearly paying off. The "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" singer was snapped leaving her pilates class in L.A. yesterday, and in the words of Urban Dictionary, "Go on wit yo bad self." Damn, girl. Tell us the name of your pilates instructor ASAP.

But we shouldn't be that surprised. When someone has the penchant for tattoos that Miley has, we should expect them to want to show them off. You don't just go around getting inner bicep tattoos if the last time you pumped iron was 1989. You gotta keep that ish tight! You know y'all have seen some scary tattoos that probably used to be ice cream cones that have since become ice cream sandwiches. Eeek. That's why you gotta go with the ubiquitous inner wrist tattoo, ladies! Very little extra skin in that region so your "Bieber Forever" will never lose its luster!

Photo credit: Splash News