Video Premiere: Young The Giant, 'Apartment'

Young the Giant practice their arson skills in their latest video, "Apartment."

We can't think of many other bands that we'd like to hang out with more than Young The Giant. In their new video for "Apartment," we kind of get to do that. Join YTG in their old time-y tour bus as they hit the road with their best friends. The raucous bunch make a few pit stops to go surfing, celebrate a birthday, skinny dip and enjoy a bonfire. It's basically like a four-minute Michelob Ultra commercial, except not cheesy and with less Dockers. In other words, we want in.

Watch Young The Giant's "Apartment" video after the jump.

The Irvine, California band venture out on the open road in the video for the latest Young The Giant single. In the Marcus Haney-directed clip, a bunch of good-looking people pile into a bus strung with tiny white lights. As we watch them canoodling, flirting and (responsibly) drinking beers, we're reminded that being young is the best thing ever. And close ups of lead singer Sameer Gadhia singing along to the song remind us that it never lasts: "After leaving my apartment/ I feel this cold inside me/ It howls all through the market/ It calls your name."

The band finds its way to a desert bonfire where revelry and merrymaking is had by one and all. (Yes, merrymaking!) That is until their bus starts on fire and blows up in front of their eyes. The band begins to tape the catastrophe on their camera as the friends are left to stare at each other, mouths agape. The only thing the group can do at that point is laugh, which is a totally poignant life lesson. But kids, don't try this at home: Young The Giant are trained pyrotechnicians (probably).

+ Watch Young the Giant's "Apartment" video.