Star Spotting: Jessica Simpson Continues The Longest Pregnancy Ever

Go, Jessica Simpson, go! You're in the home stretch now!

We all know that Jessica Simpson is like, 19 months pregnant at this point. No one knows when this baby is happening or if Jess will ever not be pregnant again. And gosh darn it, bless this woman for remaining mobile during this whole situation (pregnancy). She was spotted out with her fiancé Eric Johnson after lunch over the weekend, and the universe decided to play a horrible trick on the poor girl -- it started raining! Ugh. Can't the woman catch a break? It's bad enough that she hasn't seen her feet in eight months; then she had to try to navigate the mean streets of L.A. while wet? This just in: I'm never having a baby.

For real though, we cannot wait for this kid to be born -- not only so Jess and Eric can welcome their bundle of joy and show the little one the ways of the world, but so Jessica can, I don't know, sit down again. Or hug someone. Or be able to get out of bed without help. You're in the home stretch, Jessica! Hang in there!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News