Buzz Bites (3/27/12): Nas Makes Debut Appearance On MTV's 'RapFix Live' Tomorrow

Nas makes his debut appearance on 'RapFix Live' tomorrow.

+ Nas will make his debut appearance on "RapFix Live" tomorrow to discuss his forthcoming 10th album, Life Is Good. Tune in Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET on (MTV News)

+ Peep Justin Bieber discussing his new single, "Boyfriend." If you were wondering about the "rapping" on the song, he says, "It's just like this sexy whispery thing I'm doing." He also says great boyfriends have to be patient and "you're always wrong when it comes to girls." #preach (E!)

+ Carly Rae Jepsen talks about her forthcoming album in an interview. "My whole goal in this is to write that one song that lasts after your dead that has an impact on people," she says. Her manager confirmed a song collab with Justin Bieber, but didn't say if it would end up on the album. (Billboard)

+ So, over the weekend Madonna made a "Molly" reference, which deadmau5 went on a rant as he thought it was a drug reference. Madge cleared up that it was about an actual song. Peep the Twitter exchange. (ONTD)

+ Sleigh Bells have been added to Pitchfork Music Festival's lineup. The fest also announced the addition of Dirty Projectors, Flying Lotus and more to the Chicago festival, which takes place July 13-15. (Pitchfork)

+ Sigur Rós announced their new album, Valtari, will be released on May 29. Listen to the new gorgeously ethereal song "Ekki Múkk." (NPR)

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