Justin Bieber's Official 'Boyfriend' Cover Art! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' single cover art

BOTH! We're pretty sure it's a concrete law of physics that when you've got two hot pics of Justin Bieber, it's physically impossible to pick just one. Last week, Justin asked his fans to help him choose the cover art for his forthcoming single, "Boyfriend." We had two options -- the first, affectionately titled #JBboyfriend1, was a pic of Justin running his hands through his luscious locks. The second, #JBboyfriend2, was a pic of The Biebs looking mad nostalgic. Both perfection, IMHO.

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Although the shot of Justin running his hand through his hair was the official winner, Justin decided that he just looked too good couldn't let half of his fans down and needed to find a way to use both options. Like all good pop stars, Justin took to Twitter to explain: "We are still going to use #JBboyfriend2 for press and even took one of the FAN MADE submissions and have decided that ... we are going to sell an exclusive #BOYFRIEND fan single package in WALMART and the cover will be the one U the fans made!"

And what did the fans make? A version of the cover art that incorporates both photos (above)! Along with the new image, Justin tweeted: "So here it is ... the cover of the Walmart #BOYFRIEND SINGLE COVER ... made by U the fans! thank u! This is OUR ALBUM!" Compromise and innovation, y'all. It's the only way.

Photo credit: justinbiebermusic.com

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