Video Premiere: Dirty South And Thomas Gold Featuring Kate Elsworth, 'Eyes Wide Open'

Australian DJ Dirty South certainly knows how to burn up a dance floor with a monster house track. He's collaborated with little names like, oh, David Guetta and the dudes of Swedish House Mafia (NBD), and put together bonkers remixes for acts including Skylar Grey and Miike Snow. Now joined by DJ Thomas Gold, he may have outdone himself -- their video for latest single "Eyes Wide Open" is a lush dance-pop track set against the lovely and evocative backdrop of a heartbroken girl recalling the blissful days and nights of a bygone romance.

Watch Dirty South and Thomas Gold's "Eyes Wide Open" video, featuring Kate Elsworth, after the jump.

"Who would have thought, the stars are true/ Close my eyes, I'm next to you" sings vocalist Kate Elsworth over glittering synths, as the clip shows an effortlessly beautiful girl sitting mournfully in her bedroom while playing with a Rubik's Cube. But it's not all geeky toys and melancholy glances for this lovely lady -- as she clicks all the yellow squares into place, she's transported into her memories of golden days with her beau (who is also pretty easy on the eyes); and then as she cycles through the color wheel, the saturation shifts first to vibrant greens, then chilly blues, and finally rich reds, by which point she's lost her man. (Bummer.)

Seriously, the song's euphoric dance beats were already inspiring us to try and find love in a hopeless place. But after this vividly rendered montage of pretty people doing pretty people stuff? Someone get us a Rubik's Cube, stat.

+ Watch Dirty South and Thomas Gold's "Eyes Wide Open" video, featuring Kate Elsworth.