Justin Bieber Looks Smokin' In His 'Boyfriend' Cover Art (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' single cover art

You know it's gonna be a damn good day when you're treated to not one but two brand-new photos of the almighty Justin Bieber! (Uncool to call an 18-year-old almighty when I'm 26? Still working that one out.)

As you might imagine, the mere thought of Justin's forthcoming single "Boyfriend" has caused Beliebers worldwide to lose most of their collective ish. We're pretty sure they're gonna lose the rest of it today since JB has revealed the cover art for the new tune. Praise! But in true Bieber fashion, one option is never enough -- Justin is currently faced with the arduous task of choosing between two different cover shots!

See Justin Bieber's second "Boyfriend" cover shot after the jump.

To the untrained eye, these photos might look very similar, but let us be the first to tell you: THEY ARE VASTLY DIFFERENT. In the first shot, Justin is brooding but contemplative, like, "Girl, I care about you. Do you still care about me?" In the second shot (below), Biebs looks wistful, like he's caught in a moment of nostalgia, à la Justin Timberlake circa *NSYNC's "Gone" era.

So how's JB going to choose between these two "Boyfriend" cover photos? He's asking his fans to choose, natch! Along with the two cover options, Justin tweeted: "so u choose! :)" If you like the first shot, JB is asking that you tweet at him using the hashtag #JBboyfriend1. But if you're partial to the second, tweet #JBboyfriend2. In our minds, it's No. 1 all the way, but we've gotta wait until Monday when the winner is announced. The suspense!

Photo credit: justinbiebermusic.com