New Video: Huey Mack, 'Looking At The Sky'

It's not too often that rappers want to sample electropop, but props to Huey Mack for hitting up La Roux's "I'm Not Your Toy" in his latest single and video "Looking At The Sky." The West Virginia rapper and WVU sophomore plays the role of "heartbroken hip-hop guy" in his new video, and all the gin in the world doesn't seem to be enough to mend him. (Seriously, slow down on the drinks, dude.)

Watch Huey Mack's "Looking At The Sky" video after the jump.

The "Looking At The Sky" video finds Huey Mack's main girl playing with his mind. The clip features flashbacks of the happy couple wrestling on the bed (PG-style), watching TV and walking around the city in slow motion like all happy couples seem to do in music videos. Huey even goes so far as to ask this chick to marry him. We're assuming that's when things go awry, and then ol' boy Mack starts hittin' the bottle. (Pretty sure you're not even old enough for that, broseph.) But at least his head's on straight: "I tried to make this work/ But you left me in the dirt and now I'm filled with hurt/ I thought you'd be the best but you really were the worst/ Thought you were a gift but you were really a curse." Atta boy. Keep that up and you'll be over her in no time.

Huey Mack's "Freshman 15" mixtape is out now.

+ Watch Huey Mack's "Looking At The Sky" video.