New Song: Far East Movement Featuring Pitbull, 'Candy'

Listen to Far East Movement and Pitbull's new song "Candy."

Professional party peeps Far East Movement and rapper Pitbull have joined forces on a deliciously delectable dance song (props to alliteration), "Candy." (Not to be confused with Mandy Moore's MASTERPIECE of the same name.) Obviously these two crews know how to properly rage, so it makes sense that "Candy" is basically an homage to partying, clubs, booze, hot chicks, and of course, Miami.

Set to a pulsating, synth-laden dance track, the FEM gang spend most their verse rhyming about how amazing the club is... and how the most important parts of a woman live below her waist:  "So when I walk up on her/ I'm checking from the waist down/ I spend a couple on her/ We head back to my place now." Not to get all Gloria Steinem on y'all, but isn't the most important part of a woman like, above the shoulders? A.K.A. her brain?

Listen to Far East Movement's "Candy" featuring Pitbull after the jump.

Pitbull is up next, and obviously he's just as obsessed with girls' backsides as Far East Movement is: "Now I'm like, 'Mami don't talk, just shake'/ I ain't got time to burn or bake.../ Baby you earned that/ X marks the spot, just tell me where to turn at." Maybe this is Feminism 101, but why can't Mami talk? Surely she's got some pretty interesting stuff say, no?

Even though I wish FEM and Pitbull would rap about something other than hot babes, after a few, uh, "seltzer waters" at the club, I'm sure I won't even notice -- I'll just be thankful the DJ is spinning a dope record.

+ Listen to Far East Movement Featuring Pitbull "Candy."

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