Star Spotting: Katy Perry Or Blue-Haired FBI Agent?

Katy Perry arrives to a Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week.

Are we the only ones who think Katy Perry arriving to a Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week recently (must be tough!) looks less like a pop star and more like a really pretty FBI agent? She's dressed in all black and surrounded by two bodyguards and an umbrella holder! She's either about to go watch some gorgeous couture walk down the runway or she's busting an international crime ring. New reality show, perhaps? Hit me up, E!

After announcing her split from husband Russell Brand in December, Katy's wasted no time moping about it. The "One That Got Away" singer looks better than ever, she's preparing to release a massive reissue of her incredibly successful 2010 album Teenage Dream, and she's already begun thinking about her next album. Katy recently told MTV News, "I'm gonna kind of put my finger out there and test the pulse or test the waters of what the world wants, or what I need to say, which is probably most important rather than what the world wants." I think the world always wants more Katy Perry.

Photo credit: Splash News