Star Spotting: We're Wondering If Lady Gaga's Dress Is On Backward

Lady Gaga's dress looks like it's on backward. Why? Because we can kinda see her bra.

It's always so embarrassing to catch those accidental wardrobe mishaps when you're out in public, but Lady Gaga doesn't seem to notice (or care?) that her dress looks like there's a chance it could be on backward. Thankfully, she was wearing a bra! We know because we can TOTALLY SEE IT AND HER MORE-THAN-AMPLE BOSOM.

The "Marry The Night" singer was photographed leaving her hotel in New York City, and we're trying to figure out if her pose is a sudden realization that it's a bit too nippy (wordplay!) this time of year for that wardrobe option -- OR -- if she was just working the Toni Braxton "who me?!" pose.

Judging by her always-provocative style, Gaga's the PERFECT person to start an organization that focuses on celebrating diversity and individuality in young people like with her recently launched "Born This Way" Foundation. We just want all you kids to know that you can be just as unique while keeping your cleavage more of a mystery than Mother Monster.

Credit: Pacific Coast News