Video Premiere: Jake Miller, 'I'm Alright'

We decided Jake Miller was about to blow up when we saw his video "What I Wouldn't Give." And now with the premiere of "I'm Alright," we've decided he's gonna effing explode. Though the 19-year-old rapper and singer-songwriter from Weston, Florida, got his start on YouTube, he's graduated to some seriously polished music videos. And may we just say homie looks real good on the big (computer) screen? (Whatever, he's legal.)

Watch Jake Miller's "I'm Alright" video after the jump.

In the "I'm Alright" video, Jake swags up an empty street as he tells the incredible story of a homeless man he once met: "Today I met a man/ Sittin' on a corner/ He was holding out his hand/ Had a couple quarters that he saved up in a can." We soon learn that before he was homeless, this man had a full-time job that he despised. One day dude totally snaps, destroys some stuff in his office, and runs out of the building like a maniac. At the conclusion of the video we realize that the guy from the office is the same guy from the streets, and even though he's got no dough, he's happier than ever.

Lesson of the day: Money can't buy happiness, y'all. That, and Jake Miller is talented, attractive and writes songs with important world messages. Swoon city.

+ Watch Jake Miller's "I'm Alright" video.