Submit Your Fan Questions For Big Time Rush!

Submit your fan questions to Big Time Rush!

The boys of Big Time Rush are stars of the small screen (ENORMOUSLY huge Nickelodeon show as you're surely aware), big screen (their next film, "Big Time Movie," premieres March 10) and music (did you know Elevate has sold more than 200,000 copies?). They're going on a MASSIVE summer tour, and if I had my way I'd be at every show in a not-at-all creepy way. They're kinda like Neapolitan ice cream -- so many excellent things in one thing (in the form of four handsome guys). Anyway, Big Time Rush will be stopping by MTV (because, like at the Olive Garden, we're family), with an extra-special stop at Buzzworthy to answer your fan questions. Dying to chat with Big Time Rush? Thought so. So here's your chance to ask them your fan questions!

Need an example of an appropriate fan question? For example, I might inquire:

+ "Guys, how does your skin stay so clear even while you're on tour?"

+ "Why don't you ever look sweaty when you're dancing in your music videos?"

+ "What's it like knowing five out of six female humans on this earth would like to marry you?"

You get the idea. These are just questions that are important to me. What's important to you? Oh, and feel free to dig a little deeper and ask the boys what it's like touring with One Direction (!!!), what it was like covering The Beatles on the Big Time Movie soundtrack and the most important question for the group: WHICH ONE OF THEM IS SINGLE?

+ Leave your questions for Big Time Rush in the comments section of this post!