MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Steve Aoki

When you think of Los Angeles electronic music, you think of DJ Steve Aoki. And that's no mere coincidence. After graduating UC Santa Barbara (with two B.A.s -- Women's Studies & Sociology) and running underground concerts from his dorm room, Aoki had started his own record label, Dim Mak, by his early 20s. He spent the next few years releasing records from acts like MSTRKRFT and Klaxons, and he also made his way around the L.A. party circuit as a DJ and club promoter. (So Steve Aoki basically does what we think everyone in Los Angeles does, but he does it the best.)

His name is now synonymous with the upper echelon of the surging EDM movement, and to prove that that's exactly where he'll be staying put, Steve Aoki recently released his debut studio album, Wonderland (check out his single "Ladi Dadi" featuring Wynter Gordon), and now he's MTV's PUSH Artist Of The Week. Moral of the story: Keep handing out those flyers, bros.

Get to know Steve Aoki in some of our exclusive MTV videos, starting with the premiere of his brand-new video "Heartbreaker," featuring Brazilian singer Lovefoxxx. Guest DJ Danny Masterson is on the ones and twos as Lovefoxxx takes us back to the '70s -- it's roller-skating time, y'all. Lovefoxxx seduces a few grimy-looking dudes at a trippy roller rink with a glowing neon heart radiating from her chest. But in the end it's Steve Aoki's soupy black heart that rests in his chest that she wants. (That's always my problem, too.) Lovefoxxx sings over a light electro beat, "Would you let me be your heartbreaker?" Cue the big streamer party -- everyone lives happily ever after. (Again, Los Angeles.)

Below, check out more videos and performances from Steve Aoki to see him shed some light on his Lil Jon-assisted (and EDM Effect Woodie-nominated) track "Turbulence," what EDM means in America and exactly how you should dance to it should you so choose to attempt such a brave feat: "It's like traffic -- you just wanna go the same speed as the traffic," he explained. "The thing is the whole crowd is jumping with you. So you just kinda go with the flow."

Don't miss Steve Aoki when he performs at the mtvU Woodie Awards March 18 on MTV and mtvU, watch his "Heart Breaker" video featuring Lovefoxxx below and watch more videos after the jump.

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