Star Spotting: Ke$ha Celebrates Her Birthday By Eating A Beard

Ke$ha celebrates turning 25 with her favorite beard photo.

Today's practically a world holiday as we celebrate Justin Bieber turning 18, but let's not forget that today's Ke$ha's birthday as well! And how is our wild and crazy friend choosing to celebrate turning 25 -- by honoring one of the most favorite beards she's ever put in her mouth. Duh.

The "Blow" singer recently reposted this photo on her Tumblr Put Your Beard In My Mouth along with the caption "AN OLD ONE/BUT A GOOD ONE." It's always important to reflect back on your life's accomplishments on such a momentous occasion, guys. And while Ke$ha looks forward to another year of enjoying many more facial hair photo opps, she also celebrates a monumental Twitter moment: Girl reached 3 million followers on her big day! That totally beats the five bucks Grandma always puts in my b-day cards.

Happy birthday, Ke$ha, and be careful when you blow out your candles -- glitter's flammable!

Photo credit: Put Your Beard In My Mouth