New Video: Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo and Rick Ross, 'Think Like A Man'

Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo and Rick Ross collaborate on 'Think Like A Man'

I know I'm here to talk about Jennifer HudsonNe-Yo and Rick Ross' new video for "Think Like A Man" and trust me, I'm gonna seriously kvell over it in about 30 seconds. But before I start may I just say "HOLY DAYUM," Jennifer Hudson is looking STUN-NING! This video may actually be the best WeightWatchers commercial she's ever made.

The theme song to Tyler Perry's forthcoming movie of the same name, "Think Like A Man" shows Jennifer getting hit on by a super-sleazy dude (what else is new?). But being the classy (and taken!) broad that she is, J. Hud couldn't be less interested so she ignores him and starts doing some adorable choreographed dance moves with her female backup dancers instead. As she works some seriously fierce facials, Jennifer sings the ish outta this song, describing her new outlook on life:  "Now there's no we, babe/There's just you and there's me, babe.../You gotta act like a woman/But think like a man."

Watch Jennifer Hudson, Rick Ross and Ne-Yo's "Think Like A Man" video after the jump.

A perfectly styled Ne-Yo comes in next and has a cute face-off with Jennifer as he lends his buttery vocals to the second verse: "Of course I want my cake and eat it, too/ I'm a guy/And of course you don't understand/But you would if you thought like a man." Kinda like my mom always taught me: Men are impossible! Rick Ross is the last to get in the game, but that certainly doesn't mean he's doesn't have the most badass ensemble (obvs) -- he's the Teflon Don.

I'm into this song, but I have to admit I'm probably going to watch "Think Like A Man" again and again so I can fantasize about looking as hot as Jennifer Hudson. One more time: "HOLY DAYUM."

+ Watch Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo and Rick Ross' "Think Like A Man" video.

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