PHOTOS: Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber! Here Are 18 Incredible Photos Of Your Fans!

I probably don't have to tell you that today is Justin Bieber's 18th birthday (FINALLY LEGAL!!!!!) because I assume that like me, you also had three alarms set to go off at midnight on the dot. But in case you're not dangerously toeing the same creepy line I am, TODAY IS JUSTIN BIEBER'S 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!

We've got a ton of stuff up our sleeve to celebrate this momentous occasion (i.e. MTV News' Top 18 Justin Bieber Moments Countdown -- part 1 and part 2), and to start us off here at Buzzworthy, we present you 18 INCREDIBLE PHOTOS OF JUSTIN BIEBER FANS (one for every year, duh)! Guys, when we were compiling this gallery, we were pretty much floored at the RAW EMOTION that is taking place in these photos. You would think these girls were snapped in the middle of a war zone or after they found out McDonald's ran out of McNuggets. But nay, my friends! These are just a couple of (hundreds of thousands of) teenagers and the effect the almighty Biebs has on them. Behold!

Ladies! ladies! It's going to be all right! We know you just watched Justin Bieber walk out of his hotel, but let's just take a moment to breathe, shall we? OMG, JUST KIDDING, YOU JUST SAW JUSTIN BIEBER WALK OUT OF HIS HOTEL, OMGGGGG!!!!! CONTINUE YOUR MELTDOWN! WE GET IT!

Check out more of our hilarious/insane/amazing photos of some seriously dedicated Justin Bieber fans after the jump, and peep them all in our 18 INCREDIBLE PHOTOS OF JUSTIN BIEBER FANS PHOTO GALLERY!

What does it mean that we immediately thought of the famous "Migrant Mother" photograph when we saw this photo? Is Justin Bieber concert withdrawal this generation's Great Depression? Times have changed.

+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUSTIN BIEBER! Help us celebrate the Biebs' 18th birthday by checking out our 18 INCREDIBLE PHOTOS OF JUSTIN BIEBER FANS PHOTO GALLERY, and find LOLZ among the tears.

Credit all photos: Getty Images