New Video: Santigold, ‘Disparate Youth’

Santigold’s latest leaves the Gaga disses behind (good looking out, girl) in favor of a mysterious journey and floral-print pants. The “Disparate Youth” video finds the singer cruising over to find a possibly undiscovered island tribe living around that enormously thick tree from “Lost.” Finding a pair of sleeping members, she triggers a psychedelic explosion with some magic bling. Just call her Santiana Jones.

The intricately rhythmic track is topped with blasts of guitar noise and dance-hall piano — you could dance to it, if you’re really good at dancing? (We tried and knocked over a lamp.) Lyrically, the song’s about fighting against The Man: “So let them say we can’t do better,” she sings. “They got the rules that we can’t break.” We’re pretty sure Santigold makes her own rules: Her album art includes herself as 1) not one, but two Bond girls 2) a painting of an 18th-century soldier and 3) a mafia boss. All Santi everything.

Watch Santigold’s “Disparate Youth” video after the jump.

The song title’s a likely pun on TV on the Radio’s excellent debut album Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes — the band’s Dave Sitek worked on her upcoming album, Master of My Make Believe. Santigold’s long-awaited sophomore set drops May 1 on Downtown/Atlantic, but if you can’t wait aaaaaany longer, she’ll be kicking out jams at the MTVu Woodie Awards on March 15! ONLY 15 MORE SLEEPS. You can make it.

+ Watch Santigold’s “Disparate Youth” video.