A Dog Shot Johnny Neon's 'Hearts' Video... And We Heart It!

If South African synth-pop soloist Johnny Neon had only given us their swirling, chanty, 8-bit new-wave-inspired song, "Hearts," it would've been enough for me. But then he brought in a dog to serve as lead cameraman, and everything just got that much better. I mean, that's coming from me, and I'm a cat person.

Seriously, a rescue dog named Lemon with a GoPro camera MacGyver-ed to her back, shot Johnny Neon's "Hearts" video, running from sunny apartment to apartment, down to the beach, where she stops for a quick dip, and along the boardwalk, along some railroad tracks and even at bodega, where she's treated to a snack, though it's unclear if he paid for it. It was probably a cuteness-based freebie. Along the way, the dog (who was found on the side of the road and nursed back to health... BRB, melting in a pile of Sarah McLachlan- and hormone-induced squee) encounters the type of people who you can just tell are naturally attractive (Johnny Neon included), plus some fellow dogs that are attractive too. The video ends with the dog tussling and engaging in garden-variety dog behavior with another canine. Can't blame him -- dude put in a full day of duties on set.

Director/filmmaker Dave Meinert "directed," (while he was dogsitting Lemon the dog for a friend), but honestly, let's give this dog credit where it's so clearly due.

Johnny Neon 'Hearts' from Dave Meinert on Vimeo.