Star Spotting: Jessica Simpson Is Very Pregnant In VERY High Heels

Credit: A very pregnant Jessica Simpson looks stunning while shopping in Beverly Hills.

If you thought a VERY pregnant Jessica Simpson was eventually going to give up heels and high-end fashion to cave in to cushy Crocs and Pajama Jeans once she was further along in her pregnancy, you were beyond wrong. Seeing the "Where You Are" singer photographed while shopping in Beverly Hills looking flawlessly fashionable in a fun non-maternity-like outfit while ALSO carrying a GIGANTIC baby bump makes us feel really guilty about complaining about, um... anything. Also, hi. Jessica Simpson is WAY pregnant, but she still goes about her business, going shopping, doing what she needs to do. She's like the honey badger. JESSICA SIMPSON WILL DO WHAT SHE WANTS!

On another note: Is it just us, or does it seem like Jessica has been pregnant for a really long-ass time? No matter how long it's actually been, it's working for her! Girl's always been beautiful, but we swear the longer she's pregnant, the prettier she gets! We're also just really excited for her kid to pop already -- can you imagine the potential Blue Ivy playdates/photo opps this little one could have in his or her future?! #extremebabyenvy

Photo credit: Fameflynet