Ke$ha Gets Her Head Studded. No, Really (PHOTO)

Ke$ha studded her head!

Looks like Ke$ha's recent Skrillex haircut was just a precursor to the next big step in her hair evolution: Getting hair studs! No, we've never heard of it either, but apparently it's like gluing metallic beads to your scalp -- heads up, craft stores!

The "Blow" singer tweeted this photo yesterday along with the caption, "It's happening," but we're wondering what is happening. Like, did Ke$ha just wake up with this need for a Tetrus-like pattern bonded to her head? Is it magnetic? Will it set off airport security detectors? We're all about form over function, guys, but try explaining your latest 'do to an intimidating and frustrated airport security guard. Um, we'll pass.

But that's why we love Ke$ha -- she just doesn't care! Which is great and all, but it seems like this fad is a lot of maintenance. Do they even make a good hair product that also conditions metal?

Photo credit: @keshasuxx