New Video: Spose, 'Pop Song' (NSFW)

Watch Spose's latest video, 'Pop Song'

Maine-based rapper Spose scored a massive hit in 2010 with his song "I'm Awesome," and he's seeeeriously hoping that the world thinks his brand-new video "Pop Song" is equally as awesome if not awesome...-er.

Per Spose, the "Pop Song" video is a giant middle finger to his former record label with whom he has since parted ways. Apparently, Spose just didn't wanna write the kind of songs his record label wanted him to, and, well, you can kinda guess what went down from there. So to "celebrate his independence and musical freedom," Spose's video basically satirizes the entire music business and tells the industry haters to step back. Ballsy move, son.

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In the "Pop Song" video, Spose is bombarded by a thousand stylists, industry execs and makeup artists who try to find "the right" look for him. He tests out the Avril Lavigne punk/rock chic look, the Marilyn Manson dark king of the underworld look, and of course, the shiny pop star Justin Bieber vibe with the hoodie and snapback. While all of this is happening, Spose looks less than enthused and rhymes: "Cause the kids want hits.../They just want a nice beat that they all could rhyme to/With a chorus catchier than swine flu times two!.../We just want you to be 3OH!3/Mixed with Flo Rida/Mixed with B.o.B., capiche?/So make another Airplanes or a song like Billionaire." Damn, them's some specific guidelines. How's a guy supposed to be creative when you're putting all those restrictions on him? So we join you, Spose, in saying eff it. We support your new direction, the fact that you have nothing in common with 3OH!3 (no shade), and your right to wear T-shirt and jeans. (P.S. Call me!)

+ Watch Spose's "Pop Song" video. (Language NSFW)