Jennifer Lopez As A Boxer On V Magazine Is MAYBE The Hottest We've Ever Seen Her! (PHOTO)

Jennifer Lopez poses as a sexy boxer in the March 2012 issue of V magazine.

Surprise surprise, Jennifer Lopez looks SUPERHUMAN and GORGEOUS on the cover of the March issue of V magazine. We're practically dead just contemplating how a human being could even look like that. Stylists and expensive moisturizers be damned. And seriously, who the eff even cares about Oscars Nipplegate 2012 or her fake wardrobe malfunction when J. Lo is capable of looking this perfect? (P.S. I really think it was just a shadow, so everyone just fall back.)

Shot by Mario Testino, a glistening Jennifer Lopez (P.S., why isn't my own perspiration so alluring looking?) rocks some mad-padded boxer undies and some badass boxing gloves. She's also seriously working that bedazzled robe-coat thingie (don't think that's regulation boxing gear, but we'll let it slide) as she gives the camera some fierce-ass facials. No seriously, Jennifer Lopez looks like she's could cut a ho. Mentally, she probably went back to that place she went to in "Enough" to channel all of that boxer-like aggression during the shoot.

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Jennifer Lopez on the Spanish-language version of V magazine's March 2012 issue

Though she looks tough in her V mag cover shot, inside the the issue Jennifer is candid about her fears, her failures and her family. On her famous ex Marc Anthony she comments: "We're parents and friends first. That will be the thread that ties us together. I don't know if people expect it to be negative just because the [intimate] relationship didn't work out."

And on her failures, Jennifer Lopez takes a very zen approach: "You're not gonna hit the target or the bull's eye every time....At the end of the day I made those choices...You have amazing moments of recognition and success, but at this point in my life I try to take it all with a grain of salt." Amen, gurl. And nip-slips missed targets or not, we'd like this moment to remind any J. Lo haters (do those even exist?) that she's still abnormally stunning. So, shutever.

Photo Credit: Mario Testino for V magazine

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