New Video: Morgan Page Featuring Tegan & Sara, 'Body Work'

Morgan Page sweats it out with Tegan & Sara in his latest video "Body Work."

I’m from the school of thought that if you add Tegan & Sara to anything, they automatically make it better. Morgan Page must have graduated from the same class because the Grammy-nominated DJ and producer threw the two indie pop sisters on his latest jam “Body Work,” and holy s—-, IT’S SO GOOD.

Watch Morgan Page's video "Body Work" featuring Tegan & Sara after the jump.

Directed by Lisa Mann (The Used, Cascada), the “Body Work” video is equally as SO GOOD, as Tegan & Sara and Co. pay homage to the workout tapes of yore. Think Jane Fonda, but set in some weirdo pseudo-jail and/or laundry facility. Tegan & Sara sing to the synthy-electro beat, “You do your body work/ I feel my pulse working overtime/ I get shy in these lights/ I feel your body doing overtime.” Cue the kaleidoscope effect montage and synchronized exercise dancing while remix master Morgan Page bangs away at a laptop in the background. (WHY does that not happen at my gym?) And just think, you were about to throw your Jazzercise tank top away!

“Body Work” is the second single off Morgan Page’s 2012 album In The Air. Catch the DJ live when he heads to Coachella in April.

+ Watch Morgan Page's video "Body Work" featuring Tegan & Sara.