Star Spotting: Here's Paula Abdul Sitting On A Carousel Horse On A Cruise Ship

Oh, it's just Paula Abdul relaxin' on a carousel horse on a cruise ship.

Sometimes the internet provides you with images that you are so thankful for you don't know how you ever lived without them. I know the first time I saw the "RAISINS" rage toon was a turning point for me, as well as that parrot drowning itself in a chocolate fountain. Now I'm proud to provide you guys with this photo of Paula Abdul sitting on a carousel horse on a cruise ship. You didn't even know you needed to see this until you saw it. And now you've seen it, and everything's different.

Paula took some time out from straight up now tellin' us to enjoy some R&R on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas cruise ship last week, and she struck a pose on a carousel horse while she was at it. Sorry this isn't in high res for you guys, that would destroy our server, but hopefully you can still make your "Paula Abdul sitting on a carousel" GIFs and/or Christmas cards with little to no trouble.

Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

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