New Song: JoJo, 'Sexy To Me'

When pop star and all-around grown-and-intelligent female JoJo isn't reducing me to tears with her stunning covers of all of my favorite songs or recording pop radio smashes like her killer single "Disaster," she's also been known to make special cameos on my TV screen in commercials for Clearasil PerfectaWash. (You can pick up the cleanser from my skincare line, StressBreakoutsaWash, at Duane Reade, but only the fancy ones where they sell imported stuff.) Now, the pop gods (and the fine people at Interscope Records) have smiled upon us by releasing that little tune that plays in the commercial, "Sexy to Me," on iTunes, and it's a major banger. (Also, can we talk about the magnificent hat she's wearing in the artwork? The Dowager Countess would definitely approve.)

Listen to JoJo's "Sexy To Me" after the jump.

Produced by Nate "Danja" Hills, who's clearly on a roll lately with his also-excellent work on M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls," the track is a sultry self-empowerment anthem with pummeling bass and squealing, dissonant synths. "Mind? Check. Body? Check. My sexuality? Check," Jo purrs over a grinding beat. (As if there was any question about any of the three.) From there, it's just a typical G.N.O. of bad-ass foolery, rolling with JoJo and the crew, as she explains, "I'm not myself tonight/ Got a water bottle full of something else tonight/ It's gon' be alright/ Soon as they cut off these lights." (The water bottle is full of Crystal Light, right? Cause that's actually how I get down when I hit the club.) The chorus is a rallying cry of female autonomy in the form of a total earworm: "I don't need nobody cause I'm sexy to me, oh yeah/ You keep doing you tonight, cause I'm doing me." Yep, JoJo knows how to make a guy feel irrelevant, but in a way that, weirdly, I don't totally mind. Is it because in my head, I'm actually in JoJo's crew? Probably.

+ Listen to JoJo's "Sexy to Me."