Madonna, Marina + The Diamonds, Vanbot + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Wednesday! Time for another round of 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!

Hey, ladiesssss! It's an all-female, all-dance fest on this week's wrap-up! Okay. Who am I kidding? Let's be real: So is 98.9% of my music inventory. But whatever, it's a free country!

1.) Madonna, "Girl Gone Wild"

After teaming up with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. for her chant-happy lead single "Give Me All Your Luvin'" (her 38th top 10 single, which continues to cement her record for most top 10 singles ever, but who's counting?), Madonna returns this month with a second dose of her upcoming studio album, MDNA: "Girl Gone Wild."

This time around, the Queen of Pop is trading in her pair of pom-pons for an 808 drum machine and a bottle of Tanqueray, pumping out a scorching synth-pop tune alongside Italian DJ/ producer Benny Benassi (Kelis, Chris Brown). Like a cross between her 2009 single "Celebration" and her future disco masterpiece Confessions On A Dance Floor, the track takes the long reigning dance floor diva right back under the strobe lights.

Between subtle nods to her own work ("It's so erotic!"), a quick wink-wink to fellow '80s icon Cyndi Lauper ("Girls, they just want to have some fun!"), and that oh-so-signature bad girl behavior ("Good girls don't misbehave/ But I'm a bad girl, anyway") her Madgesty is clearly keeping things as cheeky, lighthearted and free-spirited as her 1983 debut album.

While Madge's new tune is admittedly not all that different from the usual dance-pop affair filling up the radio waves right now (here's looking at you, David Guetta), it's certainly as infectious. In fact, it's driving me wild! This boy's gone wild! Also, I'm now topless.


2.) Marina + The Diamonds, "Homewrecker"

Ever since Marina + The Diamonds found herself a blonde bob, she's gone all... well, EVIL! Okay, that's not entirely true: The UK songstress is sort of playing a role right now as Miss Electra Heart, the morally corrupt anti-heroine in Mizz Diamond's ongoing saga (and the title of her upcoming sophomore record due out in April, Electra Heart.)

Following the release of her incredible Stargate-produced single "Radioactive" back in September, the chanteuse decided to give away an album track for free this weekend for all her devoted little diamonds: "Homewrecker," which finds Marina dealing out dozens of truths ("The good are never easy, the easy never good/ And love, it never happens like you think it really should") before diving into a storming, Dr. Luke-like chorus: "I'm a homewrecker, homewrecker!" she theatrically declares on repeat. It's a brilliant mixture of deliciously enunciated fore-warnings and sizzling synth-pop beats -- just don't play this one anywhere near your boyfriend.


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3.) Vanbot, "Got To Get Out"

Haven't already heard of Vanbot? No? How about Robyn? Okay, perfect. Vanbot isn't Robyn, but if you're familiar with everyone's favorite Swedish Queen of Pop, you'll likely find something to love here: The blonde chanteuse first made a stir in the Swedish pop scene last year with the release of her self-titled debut Vanbot in April, delivering crunchy Robyn-like Scandinavian robo-pop tunes like "Make Me, Break Me" and heartbreaking Kleerup-ian sad disco melodies like "Lost Without You."

Without skipping a beat, the singer's already back in 2012 with a brand new single: "Got To Get Out," a massive tune pumped full of space-age electronica and soaring synthesizers that, according to the singer, deals with "a sense of isolation and separation." "What'cha gonna do when everything is lost but fear?" Vanbot ponders above the dazzling beats, recalling the sparkling production of Swede duo, The Sound of Arrows. As it turns out, the answer to that one: Dance and cry.


4.) Miss A, "Lips"

Time for some K-Pop! South Korean-Chinese girl group Miss A have been making quite a splash in both South Korea and China over the past year with the release of their 2011 debut LP, A Class. But, as is the case with most South Asian pop acts (well, and Rihanna), the girls have already got something new up their glamorous sleeves before the record even has time to sit on shelves for a day.

Just last week, the girls unleashed a brand new mini-album Touch, a fiery 6-track collection of cutting edge synth-pop, R&B and storming dance cuts. One of the most infectious tracks off the record is the Fuego-produced "Lips," which finds the girls strutting and posing against a militant electronic pulse and surging House beats.

Trust me, ye wary English speakers: Just give it a go. By the end, you'll almost definitely be crying "I love the way you put your lips on me!" out loud. Err, just be careful shouting that in public.


5.) Robbie Rivera featuring Jes, "Turn It Around"

Time for some self-empowerment: Acclaimed House DJ Robbie Rivera has just teamed up with dance floor chanteuse Jes for "Turn It Around," an uplifting arena-sized House anthem. "When you think you've had enough/ It's time to face it again/ Show them what you got," Jes triumphantly declares above a strumming electric guitar lick. Cue hands-in-the-air synthesizers and enough pulse-raising Ibiza-friendly beats to keep your hair standing on end, and you've got one hell of a defiant dance anthem.


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