New Video: Gotye, 'Easy Way Out'

Watch Gotye's latest video "Easy Way Out"

If for some unfathomable reason you're unfamiliar with Gotye by name, then you might recognize him as that naked dude covered in earth-toned body paint in his video for "Somebody That I Used To Know" featuring Kiwi chanteuse Kimbra. (The video has over 84 million YouTube hits, so you've probably seen it at least 10 times.) And you might know him as a recent MTV PUSH artist or current 2012 mtvU Woodie Awards nominee -- he's nominated for Best Video Woodie. What we're getting at is that Gotye's all over our radar, and he shows no sign of falling off of it ever, especially since he just dropped his latest art project video, "Easy Way Out."

In his latest video "Easy Way Out," a tired, bored and unstimulated Gotye goes through the motions of his daily routine while looking like he wants crawl in bed for a year or two. Helped in large part by the stellar animation and stop-motion designed by Melbourne director Darcy Prendergast and his team at Oh Yeah Wow, we see Gotye wake up, make his coffee, go to work, come home, and take a shower, only to do it all over again the next day: "Brain dead from boredom/ I'm led to distraction/ Scratching the surface of life/ Nothing really happens."

Watch Gotye's "Easy Way Out" video after the jump.

Towards the end of the video, Gotye's small apartment catches on (animated) fire, and before you know it, Gotye has slammed his head into his typewriter at work and (fake) blood is gushing everywhere. Not quite the soothing ending we were hoping (a week's stay at an all-inclusive?), for but if there's one takeaway from "Easy Way Out" it's that you should really try to love what you do. Also, don't use a typewriter. They're dangerous! Life lessons here, people, listen up!

+ Watch Gotye's "Easy Way Out" video.

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