New Video: A Day To Remember, '2nd Sucks'

Lana Del Rey was totally right -- dudes are unreasonably obsessed with video games. A Day To Remember's latest video "2nd Sucks" is yet another case in point as the former MTV PUSH artists make every dudes' dreams come true: they bring the popular '90s video game "Mortal Kombat" to life. There's also some sick performance footage in there, so the video's about five minutes of pure testosterone. Yay, guy things!

Watch A Day To Remember's "2nd Sucks" video after the jump.

"2nd Sucks" opens with a group of young boys trying to find a dude named Snake. They wind up at a back alley warehouse where a familiar face (you definitely didn't see coming) helps the kids out -- *NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick. (We KNOW. We would have loved to been muted on that conference call.) Chris lets the kids in the warehouse where they find Snake and also an entire video game arena with tons of graffiti on the walls (so it must be the real deal). The kids end up in front of a lone arcade game in the corner that somehow transports them to A Day To Remember show. Chugging guitars and intense, in-your-face vocals narrate the computerized "Mortal Kombat" action while a mosh pit takes place in real time. Hope you brought your Axe body spray.

A Day To Remember is currently on tour in Asia and the U.S. through the spring. "2nd Sucks" is the band's latest single from their 2010 album, What Separates Me From You.

+ Watch A Day To Remember's "2nd Sucks" video.