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15-year-old up-and-coming U.K. songstress Birdy

Welcome to that fun time when I feel super old and super unaccomplished thanks to an incredibly young but incredibly talented new artist named Birdy. By the way, she's 15 and yeah, you probably feel kinda bad about yourself right now, too. Née Jasmine van den Bogaerde, Birdy was born in Lymington, England. In 2008 (at the mere age of 12) Birdy entered and won U.K. talent contest Open Mic U.K., a spinoff of the Live and Unsigned competition. She won both the under 18 category and the Grand Prize against 10,000 other competitors -- she basically kicked the entire competition's ass. Balling that hard and she's not even legal.

Vocally, Birdy sounds like a mix between Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles and a dash of Ella Mae Bowen. She's got a vocal prowess well beyond her years and is also a consummate songwriter with a vast catalog. Also, is this the time when I should be sad that a 15-year-old knows how to write about love and I don't? #ineedatherapist

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Piggybacking on the hype from her Open Mic U.K. win, Birdy went ahead and got herself a real big record deal which has since catapulted her into the limelight. Birdy's first official single was a poignant cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love," marking Birdy's first hit, peaking at No. 17 on the U.K. singles charts. Additionally, the song was featured on the TV show "The Vampire Diaries" along with her cover of The xx's "Shelter." If for some reason all this cool ish still hasn't convinced you that Birdy's about to blow, then how about the fact that her song "Just A Game" landed a spot on the coveted the "Hunger Games" soundtrack? Let us remind you one more time -- she's 15.

+ Listen to Birdy.

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