Lil Wayne's Headphones Literally Cost A Million Dollars (PHOTO)

Lil Wayne's headphones are like, a billion times more than your salary.

Lil Wayne has more diamonds in and around his face in this photo than I will probably ever encounter in my lifetime. (Unless I marry a basketball player, which I'm working on.) Weezy made an appearance at the NBA All-Star Game this weekend to sit pretty courtside, and he showed some love to his pal Dr. Dre by rocking some Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. But Lil Wayne's aren't just your regular old $200 pair. Psshhhh -- his diamond-encrusted pair cost a cool $1 million (colloquially, "a milli"), which we all know is pretty much chump change for the Young Money exec. BRB, jumping off a bridge.

I don't know about y'all, but there are so many things I would encrust with diamonds before my headphones: my sunglasses, my entire left arm, or my "Perfect Attendance" bowling trophy from second grade, to name a few. I mean, someone can just run by and snatch those off of you, Weezy! You must have been absent the day McGruff came to your class.

P.S., why is Lil Wayne even wearing headphones? Isn't he at a basketball game? Ohhh, wait -- it's yet another over-the-top display of wealth reaffirming his place among hip-hop's elite. Silly me!

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Photo credit: Getty Images